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As an ambitious participant in the world-changing automation and energy management sector, I excel in teams where I can further develop my skills, education, and fascination with energy systems. With a decade of involvement in the electrical industry, including residential, commercial and industrial settings, I am adept at installing, repairing, improving, controlling and designing electrical systems. My ultimate goal is to earn a masters degree in electronics engineering, and use my skills to improve the quality of energy systems around the globe.

- Cameron Rees

Cameron Rees

Electrician/Automation Specialist

360.787.1863 –



Dedicated electronics expert, specializing in Automation Systems, with five years of experience in the Electrical trade and a decade working in construction. Seeking to improve the efficiency and quality of energy systems in my community and across the nation.



Siemens                              Service Field Engineer III                                    July 2022-Present

  • Performing fast-forwards, new panel installations, service calls and customer interactions.

  • Seeking out every opportunity available to learn about Siemens products, software, integration tools, and help portals to work through problems of all kinds. 

  • Completing several projects independently and exceeding all expectations.  

NexRev                                Lead Controls Installation Technician                     2020–2022

  • Interfaced with different third-party devices and constantly adapted to provide the customer with high quality controls and monitoring in theaters, distribution centers, malls, and retail stores.

  • Installed actuators, sensors, and electronics of all kinds to monitor and control lighting and HVAC.

Outsource                           Commercial and Multi-Family Electrician                             2018-2020

  • Employed full-time installing lights, outlets, switches, panels, conduits, and anti-corrosion devices.

  • Worked on new construction commercial sites setting up lighting arrays and sub-feed conduits.


IES Residential                  Residential Electrical Service Technician                               2017-2018

  • Reading electrical plans, laying PVC, troubleshooting, and correcting electrical issues.

  • Installation, setup and integration of state-of-the-art home-automation devices/systems.     


JAAM                                    Underground Electrician                                                              2013-2017

  • Reading plans, laying out trenches, coordinating with other trades, digging trenches, laying PVC for sub-feeds, jackhammering around post-tension cables.





Christian Unified, El Cajon, CA                                                                                    Graduated July, 2014


Undergrad Certificate of Information and Technology Essentials

DeVry University, Naperville, IL                                                                                  Graduated December, 2022


Associates of Applied Science, IT and Networking

Concentration in Automation and Electronics Systems

DeVry University, Naperville, IL                                                                                  Graduating February, 2023


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology/Electronics

DeVry University, Naperville, IL                                                                                  Graduating February, 2024



  • Reading and interpreting site plans.

  • Advanced skill setting up and troubleshooting a plethora of devices using manufacturer-specific configurators, COM port interfacing, web-based LAN interfacing, and electronics theory.

  • Advanced skill setting up and troubleshooting networks of all kinds.  

  • Experienced with utilizing Insight/Desigo, Niagara N4/AX, Metasys and other front-end frameworks for installation and service.

  • Experience communicating effectively, respectfully, publicly, and under stress when needed. 


  • Osha 10-hour Construction Safety and Health Card ID#34-006023335

  • Osha 30-hour Construction Safety and Health Card ID#36-602044068

  • SST 4-hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher Card ID#4HRSUPP0312202002

  • SST 10-hour Site Safety Training Card ID#4Q01100263

  • Maryland Journey-Level Electrician Certification #MD16268(CTRL#5896833)

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