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My Work Projects

Projects I have completed in my career

As a motivated individual, I have dedicated my career to doing the highest quality work no matter how difficult that task may be. On this page, you will find a few of my proudest projects that were completed independently. Among these projects I am proud of the creativity and problem solving that went into making these projects happen.

     I am thankful for the many people in my life that I reach out to on a daily basis to brainstorm with in order to create the end-results you see below. These people in my life, along with those that have trained me to have integrity and dignity, are truly to thank for the successes I see on a daily basis. 

Cameron Rees

MD Journeyman


BAS PLC Installations




Traced lighting circuits back to their panels and labeled circuits for documentation. 

Replaced Contactors and re-circuited LCP panel for cleanliness and consistency. 

Installed Jace to control lighting and HVAC systems. 

New Construction

Tied into existing contactor panel with Lynxspring Jace.

Installed Distech controllers to monitor various sensors throughout the building.

Programed BAS for LCON communication with Lennox Core controllers. 

Creativity applied to make space-sensors and enclosures adapt to areas dedicated to BAS.

I tend to install my panels with plenty of conduit to account for NEC conduit fill compliance.

Spare CAT5e data runs are left with labels and tidy loops for easy future discovery. 

Conduit and flex used interchangeably for LV to pass into and between enclosures. 

I like to adapt the Freedom as cleanly as possible with the electrician's installed lighting contactor panel. 

Taking the time to wipe down and clean panels after install is what gives my work extra noticeability. 

It is important to me to separate conductors between multiple conductors to reduce stress.

On every job of mine, the 110v line will only travel through the UL listed enclosure where safe and possible. 

EMT 90's make for nice turns in tight quarters. 

Novar Before.jpg
Freedom Open.jpg

These jobs are much smaller, but that doesn't mean we reduce the quality. Every job gets maximum quality effort. As a technician, I refuse to adopt the popular mentality that making money is the most important part of a job. When you take pride in what you do, presentation, functionality and safety are the most important parts of the job. Those cannot be sped up faster than the nature of good work allows. 

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